NEXTGenIO Workshop on applications of NVRAM storage to exascale I/O

ECMWF | Reading | 25-26 September 2019

Hackathon with 'hands-on' the prototype | 27 September 2019

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Workshop description

With the Exascale gradually becoming a reality for the supercomputing community, memory and I/O bottlenecks remain two of the key challenges that need to be solved in order for applications to be able to fully exploit the capabilities of these systems. The NEXTGenIO project partners have been collaborating closely over the past four years to design, build and deliver a prototype hardware platform based around new non-volatile memory (NVRAM) technology. In addition to the hardware, the project has also developed a full software stack which is deployed on the prototype and which explores its novel capabilities.

This workshop will discuss the key memory and IO challenges that impact application performance and scalability, the usage scenarios for byte-addressable persistent memory and the impact it will have on high-performance computing and data intensive applications. Speakers at the workshop will represent the user community, hardware vendors and software tools providers.


Contributions to the workshop are sought in the form of abstracts for either presentations or posters, and should focus on I/O and memory challenges. The focus of the workshop will be on sharing experiences with quantifying memory and I/O bottlenecks, and programming/optimising performance for deep memory and storage hierarchies, from the level of single applications to full integrated workflows. This includes (but is not limited to) non-volatile and Storage Class Memory, burst buffer storage layers, and byte-addressable Non-Volatile storage.


I/O challenges and bottlenecks
deep memory hierarchies
byte-addressable non-volatile memory
storage class memory
burst buffer
non-volatile memory in storage hierarchies
performance monitoring and optimisation
I/O analysis
application workflows
workflow optimisation


The workshop will start at 14:00 on Wednesday 25 September and finish on Thursday 26 September. The workshop dinner will take place on the evening of Wednesday 25 September.

Friday 27 September is reserved for a NEXTGenIO hackathon with maximum attendance set at 20. The hackathon will include training (in the morning), followed by hands-on practical work. Attendees will be given accounts on the NEXTGenIO prototype and are encouraged to bring their own applications.


If you wish to participate in the workshop, please complete the application form.

The registration deadline has been extended to 6 September 2019.

If you wish to submit an abstract, please complete the application form and the abstract submission form.

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to 6 September 2019.

NEXTGenIO prototype full system

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