Cancelled - to be rescheduled: A hands-on introduction to Numerical Weather Prediction Models: Understanding and Experimenting


This course is a 4 day module with an additional day of "drop-in clinic" to ask the expert at ECMWF about particular topics.  The course will provide an overview of the ECMWF NWP model while giving hands-on sessions to give you confidence to carry out your own experimentation with the OpenIFS model (or IFS). 

There will be an OpenIFS session for complete beginners on Monday morning and the main course will start on Monday afternoon.

Learning objectives:

  1. understand the core scientific and numerical elements of a NWP model
  2. be able to install, modify and work with the model
  3. conduct experiments using a extreme weather example and manipulate model output.

Who this course is for:

New and existing users of OpenIFS wishing to learn more about the scientific content of the model and/or the practical skills to set up and run experiments.

Main topics:

  • Overviews of key components of the model:
    • semi-lagrangian time stepping
    • spectral methods
    • parametrization and radiation
    • ensemble generation and model uncertainty
    • coupling
    • land surface
  • Hands-on practicals:
    • how to setup and run the OpenIFS model
    • overview of the code structure and making modifications
    • file formats and IO
    • how to create and visualise model experiments


Some knowledge of NWP - no familiarity with the scientific and technical aspects of the model are expected.

  • All lectures will be given in English.

Course Information

Course code: NWP-IN

From Mon, 16 March 2020, 10:00 - Cancelled
To Fri, 20 March 2020, 17:00

Applications closed 15 November 2019



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