Virtual training course: Advanced numerical methods for Earth system modelling


This course focuses on current state of the art, recent advances and future challenges in high-resolution numerical modelling of the atmosphere and ocean. Latest advances in efficiency and numerical methods will be discussed. 

We believe this course is quite unique within the atmospheric community. For more details on the course see the draft timetable.


  • Governing equations
  • Hydrostatic/Non-hydrostatic dynamics
  • Horizontal and vertical discretisations
  • Time-integration, advection and high order space discretisation schemes
  • Elliptic solvers
  • Numerical techniques for solving the prognostic equations in the ECMWF model (IFS)
  • Numerical techniques for massively parallel computer architectures expected in the future


Participants should have a good mathematical background, and are expected to be familiar with the contents of standard meteorological and mathematical textbooks. A familiarity with python is useful for some of the practical sessions.

Introductory material not covered by the course can be found in our lecture note series.

Some practical experience in numerical weather prediction is an advantage.

All lectures will be given in English.