A symposium for Adrian Simmons

ECMWF | Reading | 8 December 2017


Adrian Simmons' outstanding contributions to ECMWF science would be difficult to exhaustively list. We could mention his work on atmospheric composition, which has served as a solid basis to the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, his work on reanalysis, now a key component of the Copernicus Climate Change Monitoring, or supercomputing, numerical models and dynamic meteorology at large.

Ultimately, Adrian is emblematic of ECMWF environmental science and it is difficult to actually envisage ECMWF without Adrian, as he prepares for a well-deserved retirement – and though we expect him to remain active and continue to contribute to the community, it is with great respect and gratitude that we honour his contribution to meteorology with this symposium.

There is no general theme, and the common denominator is simply Adrian’s multi-faceted career.
We invited his friends and past and present colleagues to reminisce with ECMWF about his journey across weather and climate science.





Adrian's early academic career
Brian Hoskins (Imperial College London)
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Adrian's contribution to numerical aspects and the spectral model
Michel Jarraud (Former Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organisation)
Adrian and supercomputing
Walter Zwieflhofer (Former Director of Operations at ECMWF)
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Adrian's contribution to data assimilation
Florence Rabier (Director-General, ECMWF)
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Adrian and reanalysis
David Burridge (Former Director of ECMWF)
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Adrian's contribution to GCOS
Carolin Richter (GCOS Secretariat, WMO)
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Adrian and the MACC generation
Vincent-Henri Peuch (ECMWF)
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