THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble (TIGGE)

TIGGE is a key component of THORPEX: a World Weather Research Programme to accelerate the improvements in the accuracy of 1-day to 2 week high-impact weather forecasts for the benefit of humanity. Global ensemble forecasts to around 14 days generated routinely at different centres around the world. Currently data from ECMWF, JMA (Japan), Met Office (UK), CMA (China), NCEP (USA), MSC (Canada), Météo-France, BOM (Australia), CPTEC (Brazil) and KMA (Korea) is archived.

The TIGGE dataset consists of ensemble forecast data from 10 global NWP centres, starting from October 2006.

Data comprise 6-hourly model outputs for a range of parameters, on surface and single-levels, e.g. Pressure levels. It is freely available for Research and Education purposes.

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