ECMWF Reanalysis - Interim/Land (ERA-Interim/LAND)

ERA-Interim/Land is a global reanalysis of land-surface parameters from 1979-2010 at 80 km spatial resolution. It was produced with a recent version of the HTESSEL land-surface model using atmospheric forcing from ERA-Interim, with precipitation adjustments based on GPCP v2.1.

The evolution of the global land surface state (moisture content and/or temperature) of the different components, soil, vegetation, snow, is of great interest to understand climate-change impact in recent years and the numerical weather prediction system at ECMWF provides the most accurate meteorological forcing to drive the land surface numerical schemes. ERA-Interim/Land, a global land-surface dataset covering recent decades, is the result of a single 32 year simulation with the latest ECMWF land surface model driven by meteorological forcing from the ERA-Interim atmospheric reanalysis and precipitation adjustments based on Global Precipitation Climate Project. ERA-Interim/Land preserves closure of the water balance and includes a number of parameterisations improvements in the land surface scheme with respect to the original ERA-Interim dataset, which makes it suitable for climate studies involving land water resources. The quality of ERA-Interim/Land, that includes a number of parameterisations improvements introduced in recent years in the operational NWP model, was assessed in comparison to site measurements, satellite-based products and other reanalyses, and it is supporting the study of climate trends. ERA-Interim/Land provides a global integrated and coherent water resources estimate that is used also for the initialization of numerical weather prediction and climate models. Enhanced versions are foreseen within the ERA-Clim projects.

For a description of this data set, see Balsamo et al. (2011)

Users are strongly advised to migrate to ERA5-Land from the Climate Data Store (CDS).


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