Toward a consistent reanalysis of the climate system

TitleToward a consistent reanalysis of the climate system
Publication TypeTechnical memorandum
Date Published11/2012
Secondary TitleECMWF Technical Memoranda
AuthorsDee, DP, Alonso-Balmaseda, M, Balsamo, G, Engelen, R, Simmons, A

This report reviews past and current reanalysis activities at ECMWF and outlines plans for future development of a coupled climate reanalysis. The Centre's global reanalyses of the atmosphere, ocean, land surface, and atmospheric composition are closely tied to the development of the IFS and its extended capabilities. Reanalysis data also serve numerous external users in a wide range of applications, including climate monitoring and research. New developments in reanalysis at the Centre are focused on extending the length of atmospheric reanalyses, and on developing a coupled data assimilation capability in the IFS.

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