Atmospheric moist convection

Atmospheric moist convection
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The current Note covers material presented in the Training course lectures I-IV on “atmospheric moist convection and its parameterization”, and further elaborates on other subjects like the diurnal cycle of convection, numerics and the momentum and tracer transport by convection. The aim is to give an overview of convective phenomena and their links with synoptic meteorology, and to provide the basic concepts and parametrization and modeling tools. Of course, not all phenomena could be treated, as e.g. phenomena like monsoon circulations and tropical storms.

The material presented should be easily accessible to beginners in the field, but should also be of interest for people more advanced, and those interested in diverse areas like cloud resolving modeling, and weather forecasting. The references to research articles are certainly not exhaustive, and the reader interested in specific subjects is encouraged to find more references in the cited articles or refer to Textbooks.



  1. The nature of moist convection
  2. Parameterization of convection
  3. The IFS convection parameterization
  4. Forecasting - case studies
  5. Appendix 
    • Simple wave types and quasi-geostrophic adjustment
  6. References