Validation of aerosol parametrization Representing aerosol processes in NWP

Validation of aerosol parametrization Representing aerosol processes in NWP
Date Published
WP-2200 Report for ESA contract 1-5576/07/NL/CB: Project QuARL - Quantitative Assessment of the Operational Value of Space-Borne Radar and Lidar Measurements of Cloud and Aerosol Profiles
Document Number
2009:WP-2200 contract 1-5576/07/NL/CB
J.-J. Morcrette
Luke Jones
Event Series/Collection
ESA Contract Report
Abstract This report first presents a short history of prognostic aerosols in large-scale models of the atmosphere. It then quickly surveys the main parametrisations required for representing the physical processes affecting the aerosols. References are also given of the formulations used in the Integrated Forecasting System (IFS) of the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF). As an illustration of the possibilities of the forecast system used in the GEMS-AERosol project (Global and regional Earth-system Monitoring using Satellite and in-situ data), one day worth of simulated aerosols is compared with cloud and aerosol quantities derived from the observations on-board the A-train constellation of satellites in order to validate the vertical distribution of the model aerosols. A good agreement is found over most areas in terms of the horizontal distribution of the model aerosols. Whereas the vertical distribution of model aerosols appears generally reasonable, the available CALIPSO-derived cloud/aerosol mask does not allow to validate the presence of aerosols in clouds in areas of deep convection, which seems prevalent in the model.