Demonstration of monitoring

Demonstration of monitoring
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WP-3300 Report for ESA contract 1-5576/07/NL/CB: Project QuARL - Quantitative Assessment of the Operational Value of Space-Borne Radar and Lidar Measurements of Cloud and Aerosol Profiles
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2010:WP-3300 contract 1-5576/07/NL/CB
Di Michele
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ESA Contract Report
Abstract A basic framework for monitoring CloudSat observations has been established at ECMWF. Reflectivity obtained from CloudSat has been compared to the one simulated from ECMWF model producing time series of their differences. Instrument anomalies have been then simulated to test if problems with data could be identified in the time series. Results suggest that problems with CloudSat observations can be revealed provided that differences are brought outside their typical range of variation.