Annual Report 2019

TitleAnnual Report 2019
Publication TypeReport
Date Published06/2020
Series/CollectionECMWF Annual Report
TypeAnnual Report
Place of publicationReading
KeywordsAnnual Report

The report reviews improvements in forecast performance, advances in research, the Centre’s contributions to Europe’s Copernicus Earth observation programme, and preparations for the new data centre in Bologna, Italy, including the selection of a new Atos supercomputer.

The forecasting system upgrade improved the skill of forecasts substantially across most variables and regions. Amongst many other improvements, IFS Cycle 46r1 introduced more continuous data assimilation to improve ECMWF’s estimate of the state of the Earth system at the start of forecasts. It also included new ocean wave physics and new output parameters in the extended range to provide better advance information on the probability of severe weather.