Publication TypeSoftware
Date Published2017
AuthorsRussell, I, Kertész, S

Metview is a meteorological workstation application designed to be a complete working environment for both the operational and research meteorologist. Its capabilities include powerful data access, processing and visualisation. It features a powerful icon-based user interface for interactive work, and a scripting language for batch processing. The two are linked through the ability to automatically convert icons into their equivalent script code. Metview can take input data from a variety of sources, including: GRIB files (editions 1 and 2), BUFR files, MARS (ECMWF's meteorological archive), ODB (Observation Database), Local databases, ASCII data files (CSV, grids and scattered data) and NetCDF. Powerful data filtering and processing facilities are then available, and if graphics output is desired, then Metview can produce many plot types. Metview can also interface with external models and applications, such as VAPOR, FLEXTRA and FLEXPART. Metview was developed as part of a cooperation between ECMWF and INPE (Brazilian National Institute for Space Research)