Newsletter No. 79 - Spring 1998

TitleNewsletter No. 79 - Spring 1998
Publication TypeNewsletter
Date Published04/1998
Name of the publicationECMWF Newsletter
Corporate AuthorECMWF
  • Changes to the operational forecasting system
  • Introduction of revised parametrizations of physical processes into the IFS
  • Tubing: An alternative to clustering for EPS classification
  • Simulation of fog with the ECMWF prognostic cloud scheme
  • On spurious chaotic behaviour in the discretized ECMWF physics scheme
  • Use of the Fujitsu VPP700 for weather forecasting at ECMWF
  • A modified set-up of the advection scheme in the ECMWF wave model
  • Closure of the ECFILE service
  • TAC Representatives, Computing Representatives and Meteorological Contact Points


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