Newsletter No. 102 - Winter 2004/05

TitleNewsletter No. 102 - Winter 2004/05
Publication TypeNewsletter
Date Published01/2005
Name of the publicationECMWF Newsletter
EditorWhite, P
Corporate AuthorECMWF
  • Starting up medium-range forecasting for New Caledonia in the South-West Pacific Ocean - a not so boring tropical climate
  • Early medium-range forecasts of tropical cyclones
  • A snowstorm in north-western Turkey 12-13 February 2004 - Forecasts, public warnings and lessons learned
  • Planning of adaptive observations during the Atlantic THORPEX Regional Campaign 2003
  • Two new cycles of the IFS 26r3 and 28r1
  • 25 years since the first operational forecast


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