Model performance and data impact over polar regions

TitleModel performance and data impact over polar regions
Publication TypeProceedings
Date Published06/2013
EventECMWF-WWRP/THORPEX workshop on polar prediction
AuthorsRabier, F, Thépaut, J-N, Saint-Ramond, N, Guidard, V, Karbou, F, Vincensini, A, Langland, R, Gelaro, R, Cardinali, C, August, T, Fourrié, N, Doerenbecher, A, Guedj, S, Bauer, P, Richardson, D, Janousek, M, Sahin, C, Garcia-Mendez, A, Parrett, C, Saunders, R, Cress, A, Pfluger, U, Verner, G, Koclas, P, Sato, Y, Ling, Y
Event Series/CollectionECMWF-WWRP/THORPEX Workshop
Conference LocationECMWF
Keywordspolar prediction, THORPEX, workshop, WWRP

In this paper, general scores and analysis differences are presented for global models over polar areas. Data monitoring results and the impact of observations is discussed over the Southern pole, while results are presented for the assimilation of IASI data over the Antarctic plateau and of microwave satellite data over sea ice.

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