Tim Palmer Festschrift Contents

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Title Author
Preface Antje Weisheimer, Florian Pappenberger, Ian Shipsey
Tim Palmer: Mathematical physicist, climate dynamicist, poet, band leader Jagadish Shukla
Ensembles and probabilities in the 1980s: Pioneering the use of dynamical ensembles in real-time monthly predictions James Murphy
Representing uncertainty in initial conditions: experimentation from lagged average forecasting to singular vectors Franco Molteni
The ECMWF initial ensemble perturbation strategy Roberto Buizza
Evaluation of ensemble forecasts David Richardson
Tim’s legacy to ECMWF and many of us Laura Ferranti
How ensemble forecasts enhance the energy sector Isla Finney
Sensitivity to initial conditions and external forcing in climate predictions Susanna Corti
Some thoughts on the contributions of Tim Palmer Peter Webster
Ensemble forecasting for anticipatory humanitarian action Liz Stephens
Ensemble forecasts at ECMWF in the presence and future Peter Düben
Side-stepping ‘futility’: Tim Palmer on energy-momentum in general relativity Harvey Brown

Rossby-wave breaking and all that: Tim Palmer and the Stratosphere

Peter Haynes
The tropics and tropical-extratropical interactions Julia Slingo
Recollections from our early years in the Met Office Glenn Shutts
Projectability Brian Hoskins
Stochastic parametrisations in weather and climate Judith Berner
The benefits of a seamless approach to prediction Mark Rodwell
On the response of Euro-Atlantic regimes to forcing and the Palmer Hypothesis Kristian Strommen
Imprecise, not inaccurate, weather forecasting Matthew Chantry, Milan Klöwer
The path to km-scale climate modelling Bjorn Stevens
Tim’s adventures in quantum mechanics Sabine Hossenfelder
Human creativity, free will and consciousness Jonathan Mason
Epilogue Antje Weisheimer
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