Ongoing research project |
2014 to 2018

UERRA, Uncertainties in Ensembles of Regional ReAnalysis

The objective of UERRA is to produce ensembles of European regional meteorological reanalyses of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) for several decades and to estimate the associated uncertainties in the data sets. It also includes recovery of historical (last century) data and creation of user friendly data services.

UERRA is among 5 pre-operational Copernicus Projects:

  1. ERA-CLIM2 European Reanalysis of the Global Climate System
  2. UERRA Uncertainties in Ensembles of Regional Reanalyses
  3. QA4ECV Quality Assurance for Essential Climate Variables
  4. CLIPC Climate Information Portal for Copernicus
  5. EUCLEIA European Climate and weather events: interpretation and attribution

ECMWF’s role in UERRA

  • creation and running of UERRA archive
  • participation on additional Work Package 4 activities:
    • data visualization
    • connection to other existing portals

More information

UERRA is funded under EU - Framework Programme 7(Grant Agreement 607193 EU FP7 SPACE 2013-1)



Manuel Fuentes

Richard Mladek

EU - Framework Programme