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MyWave is an EU project running from 2012 to 2014 co-ordinated by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

The project brings together several major institutions responsible for forecasting, research and observation of ocean waves in Europe, including Météo-France (France), Helmholtz Zentrum, Geesthacht (Germany), Puertos del Estado (Spain), ISMAR (Italy), DeltaRes and KNMI (The Netherlands), and HRG (Greece). The expected outcome of the project is a unified European system for forecasts and dissemination of forecasts that includes new and improved wave physics.

ECMWF is leading WP1 and has two major roles in the project. First, the introduction of wave effects from the wave model WAM in the ocean model NEMO through fluxes of turbulent kinetic energy and momentum as well as the addition of a Coriolis-Stokes term to the momentum equations. This has implications for the temperature in the mixed layer of the ocean model, and thus also on the feedback to the atmosphere. The first operational implementation of wave effects in a coupled ocean-atmosphere-wave model system were introduced with the launch of model cycle 40R1 in November 2013. Secondly, the nonlinear transfer of energy in the wave spectrum is a costly operation in wave models. Experimentation with improved algorithms for the nonlinear four-wave interaction is currently undertaken at ECMWF.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Framework Programme under grant agreement number 284455.

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