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Gap Analysis for Integrated Atmospheric ECV CLImate Monitoring (GAIA-CLIM)

The aim of the GAIA-CLIM project is to improve our ability to use ground-based observations to characterise satellite observations for a number of atmospheric Essential Climate Variables (ECVs). It will use reference quality in situ observations that are metrologically traceable to international standards (SI units) with well-characterised uncertainties. The key outcomes will be a "Virtual Observatory" facility of co-locations and their uncertainties and a report on gaps in capabilities or understanding, which shall be used to inform subsequent Horizon 2020 and Copernicus activities.

ECMWF is primarily involved in Work Package 4: Assessment of reference data in global assimilation systems and characterisation of key satellite datasets.

This work package is concerned with the potential utility of data-assimilation systems used in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and reanalyses to use reference-quality data to assess the uncertainties in NWP models, and corresponding forward modelled satellite radiances.

The work package will:

  • Use reference-quality data to assess the absolute uncertainty in NWP analyses in order to characterise the uncertainty of selected satellite systems.
  • Develop infrastructure for acquisition of reference-quality data, including GRUAN radiosonde data.
  • Develop and make available software to enable the intercomparison described above.


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