Online training week: Software and computing at ECMWF


The online training week aims at providing webinars on specific topics related to software packages and applications used at ECMWF in the operational production and visualisation of numerical weather predictions. The objective is to provide updates on new features and to familiarise participants with the packages and applications. 

ECMWF has supercomputer facilities to run operational activities (part of CPU allocation is available to Member and Co-operating States) and a Linux cluster, available exclusively to registered users from Member and Co-operating States which can be used for graphical or other pre- and post-processing.  

ECMWF operates a large-scale data handling system, in which all ECMWF users can store and retrieve data needed to run their weather modelling activities and data mining. 

ECMWF also provides software packages specifically developed to handle data and observations coding and decoding, visualisation, data manipulation and archiving and managing of workflows. A full list of software packages available can be found here

Course dates

13-17 May 2019

Please register your interest and tell us what you would like to learn about during the week. 

All the webinars will be in English

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From Mon, 13 May 2019
To Fri, 17 May 2019



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