Monitoring of radar data. Support-to-Science-Element (STSE) Study EarthCARE Assimilation

TitleMonitoring of radar data. Support-to-Science-Element (STSE) Study EarthCARE Assimilation
Publication TypeReport
Date Published01/2014
Series/CollectionWP-2100 Report: ESA ESTEC Contract AO/I-6441/10/NL/CB
Document Number2014:WP-2100
AuthorsDi Michele, S, Martins, E, Janiskova, M
Event Series/CollectionESA Contract Report
Place of publicationShinfield Park, Reading

A basic framework for monitoring time series of radar observations has been established. Observations from CloudSat have been compared to the corresponding reflectivity first guess departures simulated from the ECMWF model. Our analysis shows that comparison with the model enables the detection of much smaller anomalies than monitoring observations alone. The study has also shown that cloud-top height derived from reflectivity is an appropriate diagnostic to monitor the instrument. Results suggest that instrument/model problems can be identified by monitoring the time series of first guess departures provided that the anomalies are outside their typical range of variation. For this purpose, a set of threshold values are defined, on which a warning system could be based.

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