The ERA-Interim archive Version 2.0

TitleThe ERA-Interim archive Version 2.0
Publication TypeReport
Date Published11/2011
Series/CollectionERA Report Series
Document Number1
AuthorsBerrisford, P, Dee, DP, Poli, P, Brugge, R, Fielding, M, Fuentes, M, Kållberg, PW, Kobayashi, S, Uppala, S, Simmons, A
Event Series/CollectionERA Report
Place of publicationShinfield Park, Reading

This document describes the ERA-Interim Archive at ECMWF. ERA-Interim is a reanalysis of the global atmosphere covering the data-rich period since 1979 (originally, ERA-Interim ran from 1989, but the 10 year extension for 1979-1988 was produced in 2011), and continuing in real time. As ERA-Interim continues forward in time, updates of the Archive will take place on a monthly basis.

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