ERA-Interim/Land: A global land-surface reanalysis based on ERA-Interim meteorological forcing

TitleERA-Interim/Land: A global land-surface reanalysis based on ERA-Interim meteorological forcing
Publication TypeReport
Date Published09/2012
Series/CollectionERA Report Series
Document Number13
AuthorsBalsamo, G, Albergel, C, Beljaars, A, Boussetta, S, Brun, E, Cloke, HL, Dee, DP, Dutra, E, Pappenberger, F, de Rosnay, P, Sabater, JM, Stockdale, T, Vitart, F
Event Series/CollectionERA Report
Place of publicationShinfield Park, Reading

This report describes ERA-Interim/Land, a global land-surface data set covering the period 1979-2010. ERA-Interim/Land is the result of a land-surface model simulation using HTESSEL, with meteorological forcing from ERA-Interim and precipitation adjustments based on GPCP v2.1. ERA-Interim/Land preserves closure of the water balance and is therefore more suitable for climate applications than the land surface parameters included in the original ERA-Interim data set. We compare with ground-based and remote sensing observations to assess the quality of ERA-Interim/Land, in particular for estimates of soil moisture, snow depth, surface albedo and turbulent latent and sensible fluxes at the surface and river discharges. Impacts of using the new land-surface initial condition in forecasts have been verified in deterministic and probabilistic configurations (up to monthly and seasonal ranges) of the Integrated Forecasting System at ECMWF.

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