Annual Report 2021

TitleAnnual Report 2021
Publication TypeReport
Date Published06/2022
Series/CollectionECMWF Annual Report
TypeAnnual Report
Place of publicationReading
KeywordsAnnual Report

The report reviews progress towards the goals set out in the Centre’s ten-year Strategy to 2030 that launched at the start of 2021, under the pillars of ‘Science and technology’, ‘Impact’, and ‘Organisation and people’.

Developments include two forecasting system upgrades; the formal opening of duty stations in Italy and Germany that bring us closer to our Member and Co-operating States; agreements with the European Commission for ECMWF to continue its role in the Copernicus Earth observation programme and to become part of the new Destination Earth initiative; and many areas of progress in weather science.

The report highlights the international collaboration and expertise from our Member and Co‑operating States, partners and Fellows that are fundamental to the work of ECMWF.