Newsletter No. 74 - Winter 1996/97

TitleNewsletter No. 74 - Winter 1996/97
Publication TypeNewsletter
Date Published01/1997
Name of the publicationECMWF Newsletter
Corporate AuthorECMWF
  • Changes to the operational forecasting system
  • The enhanced high-resolution Ensemble Prediction System
  • Skating on EPS
  • Operational implementation of the high-resolution Ocean Wave model
  • The impact of increased resolution on predictability studies with singular vectors
  • Esitimating the covariance matrices of analysis forecast error in variational data assimilation
  • ECMWF's computer status and plans
  • The VPP700/46 computer user documentation
  • Changes to ECMWF's computer user documentation
  • Range of ECMWF's publications
  • Member State computer resource allocations 1997
  • Special Project allocations 1997


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