ECMWF | Reading | 22-25 May 2017

Workshop description

This workshop will be organised in collaboration with EUMETSAT (NWP-Satellite Application Facility) and is intended to assess the state of the readiness ahead of the launch of the METEOSAT Third-Generation geostationary satellite. By measuring radiation in thousands of separate channels its Infrared Spectrometer (IRS) will provide detailed information on atmospheric temperature and composition (similar to existing hyperspectral sounders), but deliver this information with very high temporal resolution (~15 to 30 minutes repeat). Such observations are completely unprecedented and while the potential impact on analyses and forecasts is enormous, the successful use of these data presents some significant scientific and technical challenges.  The workshop will look at the very latest progress in instrument calibration and spectral characterisation, advances in radiative transfer modelling and the various assimilation strategies being considered to exploit this unique and exciting source of observations.


This workshop is by invitation only.