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D. Gregory
1987, Conference Paper, Workshop on Diabatic Forcing, 30 November - 2 December 1987
D. Gregory
1991, Conference Paper, Workshop on Fine-Scale Modelling and the Development of Parametrization Schemes, 16-18 September 1991
W. Grey
2009, Conference Paper, ECMWF Workshop on Diagnostics of data assimilation system performance, 15 - 17 June 2009
C.S.B. Grimmond
M. Blackett
M. Best
J-J. Baik
S.E. Belcher
S.I. Bohnenstengel
I. Calmet
F. Chen
A. Dandou
K. Fortuniak
M.L. Gouvea
R. Hamdi
M. Hendry
M. Kanda
T. Kawai
Y. Kawamoto
H. Kondo
S. Krayenhoff
S-H. Lee
T. Loridan
A. Martilli
V. Masson
S. Miao
K. Oleson
G. Pigeon
A. Porson
Y-H. Ryu
F. Salamanca
L. Shashua-Bar
G.-J. Steeneveld
M. Tombrou
J. Voogt
D. Young
N. Zhang
2009, Conference Paper, ECMWF / GLASS Workshop on Land Surface Modelling and Data Assimilation and the implications for predictability, 9-12 November 2009
S. Grönås
1982, Conference Paper, Seminar on Interpretation of Numerical Weather Prediction Products, 13-17 September 1982
S. Grönås
1992, Conference Paper, Seminar on Validation of models over Europe, 7-11 September 1992
B. Groscup
1984, Conference Paper, Workshop on Using Multiprocessors in Meteorological Models, 3-6 December 1984
H. Grote
1999, Conference Paper, Seventh Workshop on Meteorological Operational Systems, 15-19 November 1999
A. Gruber
1990, Conference Paper, ECMWF/WCRP Workshop on Clouds, Radiative Transfer and the Hydrological Cycle, 12-15 November 1990
V. Grubisic
1997, Conference Paper, Workshop on Orography, 10-12 November 1997
S. Grönås
1982, Technical memorandum, ECMWF Technical Memoranda
D. Gu
S.G.H. Philander
1998, Conference Paper, Seminar on Atmosphere-surface Interaction, 8-12 September 1997
S. Gualdi
2004, Conference Paper, ECMWF/CLIVAR Workshop on Simulation and Prediction of Intra-Seasonal Variability with Emphasis on the MJO, 3-6 November 2003
F. Guichard
2009, Conference Paper, Seminar on Parametrization of Subgrid Physical Processes, 1 – 4 September 2008
Vincent Guidard
2009, Conference Paper, ECMWF/EUMETSAT NWP-SAF Workshop on the assimilation of IASI in NWP, 6-8 May 2009
H. Günther
2001, Conference Paper, Ocean Wave Forecasting, 2-4 July 2001
Q. Guoquing
H. Xuegan
T. Weiming
Z. Jianchung
1991, Conference Paper, Third Workshop on Meteorological Operational Systems, 18-22 November 1991