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  1. Tim Hewson

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  2. ECMWF

    2018, UEF2018, Presentation.

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  4. Hogan R.

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  5. ECMWF

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  6. Georg Lentze, ECMWF

    2018, ECMWF Newsletter, Newsletter.

  7. Georg Lentze, ECMWF

    2018, ECMWF Newsletter, Newsletter.

  8. Hao Zuo, Magdalena Alonso-Balmaseda, Steffen Tietsche, Browne P., Sarojini B., Eric de Boisseson, Patricia de Rosnay

    2018, Workshop on observations and analysis of sea-surface temperature and sea ice for NWP and climate applications, Presentation.

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    2018, Workshop - sea surface temperature and sea-ice (SST), Presentation.

  10. Donahue A., Caldwell P.

    2018, Physics Dynamics Coupling (PDC18) workshop, Presentation, ECMWF.