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  1. ECMWF

    2014, 5th ROM SAF User Workshop on the Applications of GNSS-RO observations, Proceedings.

  2. ECMWF

    2014, Workshop on Scalability, Proceedings.

  3. Manuel Fuentes, Marsh K.

    2014, Closing the GRIB/NetCDF Gap Workshop, Proceedings, ECMWF.

  4. ECMWF

    2014, ERA-CLIM2 General Assembly, Proceedings.

  5. Peter Bauer, A. Joly, John Michalakes, Deborah Salmond, Paul Selwood, Stephan Siemen, Y. Trémolet, Nils Wedi

    2014, Workshop on Scalability, Proceedings, ECMWF.

  6. ECMWF

    2014, Copernicus Climate Change Service Workshop, Proceedings, ECMWF.

  7. ECMWF

    2014, ECMWF/H-SAF and HEPEX Workshop on coupled hydrology, Proceedings, ECMWF.

  8. Various Authors

    2014, Seminar on Recent Developments in Numerical Methods for Atmosphere and Ocean Modelling, 2-5 September 2013, Proceedings, ECMWF.

  9. ECMWF

    2014, Proceedings.

  10. ECMWF

    2014, Proceedings.