2018 Training course fees

Applicants from International Organisations and non-Member and Co-operating States of ECMWF may apply to attend any of the training courses. For these applicants a course fee is payable. Applicants who are required to pay a fee(s) must indicate on their application form which institution will be responsible for paying the fee(s).

Please refer to the payment information.

Course title Course fee
High-Performance Computing Facility: Cray XC40 £850
Introduction to ECMWF computing facilities, services and the Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System (MARS) £850
Advanced numerical methods for Earth system modelling £850
Parametrization of subgrid physical processes £850
Data assimilation £850
Predictability and ocean-atmosphere ensemble forecasting £850

Use and interpretation of ECMWF Products (for trainers and training champions)

Use and interpretation of ECMWF Products (5-day) £850
Use and interpretation of ECMWF Products (3-day) £500
ecCodes: GRIB and BUFR data decoding and encoding software £670
Introduction to ECMWF job scheduler: ecFlow £670




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