Cy36r2 summary of changes

Implementation date 22-Jun-10 See Newsletter No.126
Detailed description of changes    
Key characteristics of our forecasting system  

Horizontal (unchanged)

  • Atmospheric
    • HRES: T1279
    • ENS: Leg A TL639, Leg B TL319, Leg C T255
  • Wave
    • HRES: 0.25 degrees
    • ENS: 0.5 degrees

Vertical (unchanged)

  • Atmospheric
    • HRES: L91
    • ENS: L62
    • SEAS: L62
    • Data set affected
Data set affected
  • ENS
Score card Comparison of scores of model cycle
Meteorological changes The new cycle does not include any meteorologically significant changes to the deterministic forecasting system.  
Technical changes
  • Ensemble of data assimilations (EDA), providing initial-time perturbations for the EPS
  • Use of the GRIB API library for encoding of GRIB data
Model ID
  • Atmospheric mode: 137
  • Global wave model: 105
  • Limited area wave model: 205
New disseminated model output


Discontinued disseminated model output None
e-suite experiment number 0047