Cycle 32r2 sumary of changes

Implementation date

5 June 2007

Key characteristics of our current forecasting system  

Horizontal  (unchanged)

  • Atmospheric
    • HRES: TL799
    • ENS: TL399
  • Wave
    • HRES: 0.36 degrees
    • ENS: 0.5 degrees
    • LAW: 0.1 degrees

Vertical (unchanged)

  • Atmospheric
    • HRES: L91
    • ENS: L62
Data set affected
  • HRES
  • ENS
Meteorological changes
  • Three-minimization version of 4D- Var assimilation scheme (T95/T159/T255) with improved moist linear physics (cloud and convection)
  • Improved parametrization of the heterogeneous ozone chemistry
  • New short-wave radiation scheme ( RRTM-SW), plus McICA cloud-radiation interaction   and   MODIS albedo
  • Retuned ice particle size
  • Revised subgrid-orography scheme
  • Explicit numerical treatment of convection in the moist tangent linear model used in the calculation of tropical singular vectors
Meteorological impacts
  • tropical troposphere shows significant improvements at all forecast ranges
  • moderate but statistically significant improvements in the extra-tropical troposphere, particularly in the first four days
  • at 500 hPa the ensemble-mean error is reduced
  • in the tropics the spread at 850 hPa is increased, moving closer to the ensemble-mean error.
Technical changes  
Model ID
  • Atmospheric: 129
  • Ocean wave: 116
  • Limited-area ocean wave: 216
New disseminated model output -
Discontinued disseminated model output -  
e-suite experiment number 0034