WMO and ACMAD Datasets

Product descriptions

  • WMO Essential
    Publicly accessible
  • WMO Additional
    These products are aimed at NMHS of WMO
    For ACMAD and its members
    These products are available to  participants in the SWFPD project

Access to the data

ECMWF services for the WIS (WMO Information System)

ECMWF makes available some of its products via the WIS (more information on WMO website).   The main dissemination routes are the GTS (Global Telecommunication System), EUMETSAT's  EUMETCast service,  ECMWF's DCPC and the other GISCs.

The data can also be downloaded from an FTP server and visual products are also available.

Filenames follow the WMO standards
The list of products that you see is based on your login credentials
The list of products that you can see is based on your login credentials

A login is required for some of these services. To request access, WMO Members should ask their Permanent Representative to send an e-mail to:

The Director General ECMWF