Use ecCharts

The ecCharts web service is available to authorised users from the links below:



ecChart forecasters

ecCharts dashboard

What is ecCharts?

EcCharts is a suite of web browser applications that can be used to interactively explore ECMWF forecast products. The functions that ecCharts provides are beyond our standard web charts, in that forecasters can use the service to create bespoke charts on demand and do this themselves as and when they need to using a easy to use web interface. Using ecCharts they will be able to explore ECMWF's medium-range forecasts in far greater detail than has previously been possible on the web.

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Obtaining access to ecCharts

For Member states

The ecCharts web service is only available to forecasters of organisations designated by ECMWF Member States National Meteorological Services (NMS's).

To obtain access, you need to have a suitable ECMWF registered user account. Please contact your Computing Representative for more details.

For other customers

The ecCharts web service is available to licensed subscribers of ECMWF Web Products