Summary of cycle 46r1


Implementation date 2019-06-11 06
Detailed description of changes

Implementation of IFS cycle 46r1

  Key characteristics of our forecasting system

Horizontal (unchanged)

Vertical (unchanged)
Data set affected
  • HRES
  • ENS
  • ENS-extended
Score card Score card 46r1
Evaluation Report Evaluation of ECMWF forecasts, including the 2019 upgrade; ECMWF Technical Memoranda 853
Meteorological changes Meteorological content of the new cycle
Meteorological impacts Meteorological impact of the new cycle
Technical changes With the new IFS cycle 46r1, the ecCodes key "localDefinitionNumber" for the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) analyses at 00Z and 12Z will be changed from 17 to 1, both in dissemination and in MARS. With this change, all SST and Sea Ice fields for the analyses and Forecasts will be harmonised.
Model ID
  • Atmospheric: 150
  • Ocean wave: 115
  • Limited-area ocean wave: 215
New disseminated model output New model output parameters
Discontinued disseminated model output Not applicable
e-suite experiment number 0073