We provide current forecasts, climate reanalyses and specific datasets. These are available via the web, point-to-point dissemination, data servers and broadcasting.

All ECMWF’s operational forecasts aim to assess the most likely forecast and also the degree of confidence one can have in that forecast. To do this the Centre carries out an ensemble of predictions which individually are full descriptions of the evolution of the weather, but collectively they assess the likelihood or probability of a range of possible future weather.

In this section you will find the products, tools, documentation and information you need to make the best use of our data.

Forecast chart

Catalogue of charts displays the list of thumbnails of the charts that you are entitled to view. Please note that you must be logged in to see the full list.

Real-time and archived datasets pages give a detailed description of the product (whenever possible):

dissemination schedule, base time, forecast steps and resolution, list of parameters with details and download link.

WREP software interface

This subsection contains the  key characteristics of ECMWF IFS model, documentation on specific areas, description of our forecasts and information on our data delivery.

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