Newsletter No. 75 - Spring 1997

TitleNewsletter No. 75 - Spring 1997
Publication TypeNewsletter
Date Published04/1997
Name of the publicationECMWF Newsletter
Corporate AuthorECMWF
  • Changes to the operational forecasting system
  • 1987-1997 Ten years of research and operational activities with the Integrated Forecasting System (IFS)
  • Sensitivity of ECMWF model wintertime climate to model formulation
  • Impact of prognostic cloud scheme and subgrid orography on the simulation of the Asian monsoon
  • Implementing MARS using object-oriented technology
  • ECMWF seasonal simulation CD-ROMs
  • IFS on the Fujitsu VPP700
  • The data acquision and preprocessing on the high-availability HP system
  • TAC Representatives, Computing Representatives and Meteorological Contact Points


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