Overview of ice sea data assimilation activities at Environment Canada

TitleOverview of ice sea data assimilation activities at Environment Canada
Publication TypeProceedings
Date Published06/2013
EventECMWF-WWRP/THORPEX workshop on polar prediction
AuthorsBuehner, M, Caya, A, Carrieres, T, Pogson, L, Lajoie, M
Event Series/CollectionECMWF-WWRP/THORPEX Workshop
Conference LocationECMWF
Keywordspolar prediction, THORPEX, workshop, WWRP

This paper describes recent upgrades made to a regional ice analysis system and a new global ice analysis, both developed at Environment Canada. While the regional system is primarily aimed to satisfy the operational requirements of the Canadian Ice Service, the global system is designed to provide more accurate and reliable sea ice information for the Canadian numerical weather prediction systems. Objective verification scores computed from independent data are used to evaluate the accuracy of the analyses from both systems. These demonstrate that the improved regional system is consistently more accurate than the previous version and the new global ice analyses are significantly more accurate than the currently operational system.

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