Verification statistics and evaluations of ECMWF forecasts in 2004-2005.

TitleVerification statistics and evaluations of ECMWF forecasts in 2004-2005.
Publication TypeTechnical memorandum
Date Published08/2006
Secondary TitleECMWF Technical Memoranda
AuthorsLalaurette, F, Bidlot, J-R, Ferranti, L, Ghelli, A, Grazzini, F, Leutbecher, M, Richardson, D, van der Grijn, G

This document presents recent verification statistics and evaluations of ECMWF forecasts. Recent changes to the data assimilation/ forecasting and post-processing system are summarised in Section 2. Verification results of the medium-range free atmosphere ECMWF forecasts are presented in Section 3, including, when available, a comparison of ECMWF forecast performance with that of other global forecasting centres. Section 4 deals with the verification of ECMWF forecasts of weather parameters, oceanic waves and severe weather events. Finally, Section 5 provides insights into the performance of extended range forecast systems. A short technical note describing the scores used in this report is given.

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