European investment in ECMWF

European investment in ECMWF

The 34 Member and Co-operating states of ECMWF are the principal source of finance for the Centre, with contributions totalling £42.4 million out of the Centre’s £60.0 million* funding. External organisations support both core research and the complementary goals of the centre with funding of £12.8 million, while revenue from sales of data and products provides additional income of almost £4.7 million.

ECMWF continued to invest in its staff, infrastructure and systems to provide the highest quality products to its Member and Co-operating States. The main areas of expenditure are summarised below, and include capital investment of £2.3m, principally for IT and infrastructure.

The main areas of expenditure related to remuneration and related items (£26.3 million net of centre tax), pension schemes (£6.8 million), computer expenses (£18.5 million), buildings (£3.4 million) and other operating expenditure (£4.0 million). Costs associated with Copernicus procured industrial activities amounted to £1.7 million. Net finance costs were £6.4 million.

ECMWF’s budget remains on a cash basis and the Financial Statements include a reconciliation of the results under IPSAS and in cash terms. Under cash accounting, the Centre generated a surplus of £0.6 million in 2015, which is available either for future investment or distribution to Member States according to a decision to be made by the Council in 2016.

* Excluding Centre tax


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