Air quality

Atmospheric aerosolsECMWF has extended its long-established weather-forecasting expertise to the field of atmospheric composition, providing a service for the monitoring and forecasting of the chemical and particulate make-up of the atmosphere on a global scale. State-of-the-art atmospheric modelling is combined with Earth observation data to generate products which range from hind-casts of composition in previous years to monitoring of current conditions to forecasts for the coming few days. 

ECMWF provides this service as part of its role as the Co-ordinating organisation of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), previously the MACC project (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate). CAMS partners ECMWF with many national meteorological services, environment agencies and research institutes in the development and provision of the full suite of products and services. These cover a wide range of application areas, most notably European air quality, global atmospheric composition, climate forcing, monitoring of the ozone layer, UV radiation levels, solar energy, and surface emissions and fluxes.

MACC-III: combining observations and models to forecast air pollution


MACC-III monitors air quality forecasts over Europe


MACC-III monitors and provides forecasts of air quality over Europe on a daily basis. In the week of 16 March poor air quality affected Western Europe, especially over France. Dust from the Sahara, while not the main cause, also played a role during this episode. With its forecasts MACC-III provides support to the French authorities to enable more timely responses to these situations.