Registration open for climate data hackathon

OpenDataHack2018 event image

Registration is open for #OpenDataHack2018, a hackathon weekend dedicated to exploring the potential of open climate data.

Anyone interested in the use of climate data and tools is invited to sign up for this event, taking place at ECMWF on Saturday and Sunday 9–10 June 2018.

The challenge is on for developers and data enthusiasts to show what they can do with information from the Copernicus Climate Data Store being built as part of the Copernicus Climate Change Service.

With access to a large volume and variety of climate data, participants will apply their skills in data mining, data visualisation and climate communication to develop innovative ideas. These could range from tools and services for climate monitoring to web applications for policy-makers, value-added services for public and commercial needs, and effective ways to communicate environmental and societal challenges.

ECMWF operates the Copernicus Climate Change Service on behalf of the European Union.

For more details and registration please visit the hackathon event page. Registration closes Sunday, 20 May 2018.