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Data Dissemination


WARNING (6/5/2004)

The Met Office data for the coupled model hindcast (GloSea) started in February 1968 were corrupted. The data have been corrected and users are requested to make a new retrieval to substitute their previous files.

WARNING (6/9/2006)

Some of the Met Office data (total precipitation and total soil moisture) for the coupled model hindcast (GloSea) started in November 1992 are corrupted. We are waiting for the data to be corrected, when users will be requested to make a new retrieval to substitute their previous files.

WARNING (10/12/2006)

The Met Office maximum temperature data are the same as the minimum temperature data for all start dates. The data will be corrected soon and a new notice will appear here to request users to make a new retrieval to substitute their previous files.


A broad distribution of the seasonal hindcasts is intended in DEMETER. This section of the site will help you to get the data produced by the different coupled models involved in the project. We strongly recommend you to download a copy of the project reference paper. We would be grateful if you cite this paper in any publication you may produce using these data.

There are two ways to obtain DEMETER hindcasts:

  1. People with access to the archiving system at ECMWF (a valid certificate is required) can retrieve the data using MARS commands. WebMARS offers an overview of the DEMETER data available. A careful reading of the following information is strongly advised before carrying out any data retrieval. Remember that your requests will be much easier and faster using the official version of the dataset, which may be obtained by including "method=1" in your requests.
  2. The project has been conceived and developed so as to help external scientists and users to acess the data too. Therefore, a public online system has been created to allows the retrieval of both DAILY and MONTHLY MEAN hindcasts of several variables in GRIB and NetCDF format. The server also offers the possibility of plotting the fields before retrieval. A comprehensive documentation of the public distribution site can be found here.


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