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ENSEMBLES RT1: Downscaling and Link to RT2B



Linkages between the Earth System Model output from RT1 and RT2A, the Regional Climate Models used in RT3, and the Impact Assessments from RT6 are provided in RT2B "Production of regional climate scenarios for Impact Assessments".

This page contains information on the use of the RT1 global simulations for downscaling activities.

  • Model-Level Data Archived at ECMWF to Provide Boundary Conditions to Regional Models (15/10/2007)

    Model-level data are available to download in GRIB and NetCDF format from MARS, the mass storage system at ECMWF. The data currently available are for three coupled models: ECMWF, Met Office and Météo-France. The experiments are 9-member ensemble 6-month long hindcasts started on the 1st of May and November over the period 1991-2001. The location of the data can be checked using WebMARS:

    The MARS requests to obtain the data are slightly different for each experiment due to the different origin. In addition, while the Met Office and Météo-France models output surface pressure, the ECMWF model provides the logarithm of surface pressure.

  • Technical Specification for the Construction of Probabilistic Regional Climate Scenarios (16/09/2005)

Clare Goodess has made available a document specifying the work for construction of regional climate scenarios within RT2B. The requests of global model data (both ACC and s2d) to prepare those scenarios are detailed in the text.

  • Interpolating Model-Level Data to Pressure Levels (12/08/2005)

Within the set of stream-1 simulations of ENSEMBLES, three partners (Met Office, MeteoFrance and ECMWF) have agreed to store seasonal model level data. These data will be available for the hindcast period 1991-2001, using May and November as start dates for runs over 6 months. All model level data will be archived in MARS. If you intend to use those data, please contact Paco Doblas-Reyes or Antje Weisheimer.

An example script for the off-line interpolation from model-levels to pressure levels is provided here. This script calls the CDO routines, a collection of easy-to-use command line operators provided by MPI Hamburg. It makes use of the CDO routines, a collection of easy-to-use command line operators provided by MPI Hamburg, and runs on the ecgate machine. More detailed information on the interpolation can be found here.

  • Need of Downscaling S2D Ensemble Integrations (26/05/2005)

A document discussing the need of downscaling of seasonal-to-decadal integrations has been prepared. This is a working paper and will be the subject of future modifications. Your feedback is more than welcome.


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