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  We provide the results from our operational forecast activities to our Member States and Co-operating States, the members of the WMO and the public. Various levels of access restrictions apply.

A comprehensive Data Service is operated for the provision of products from our archives including software to access, manipulate and visualise the data and products.

For research and educational purposes these services are provided at handling cost only.


We operate a deterministic forecasting system providing weather predictions out to 10 days. It comprises a 4-dimensional variational data assimilation system (4D-Var), the high resolution global model and the 51 member Ensemble Prediction System (EPS) at 40 km resolution. Information about the forecasting systems and the products is provided in the User Guide. Performance statistics can be found under verification.

The seasonal forecasts out to six months are produced with a coupled ocean-atmosphere model and a separate ocean analysis system to initiate the seasonal forecasts.

Observations of atmospheric, soil and ocean conditions provide the essential input to establish the initial conditions of the earth-atmosphere system. The monitoring of the observations is an important aspect of weather forecasting.

Data and Software Ordering

All model results are stored in the Centre's Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System (MARS). To be able to respond to requests for archived data, particularly for research and education, we operate a Data Ordering Service. This service has been developed in accordance with the rules agreed by our Council.

Data are provided at handling cost only. Some datasets are available on-line, free for research use. Click here.

A description of the unique sets of the global Numerical Weather Prediction data from our operational and research activities can be found under Data Archive. Our Data Ordering Service provides tailored retrievals from the archives. Handling costs will apply as appropiate.

We provide our software in accordance with the rules agreed by our Council. All national organisations designated by Member States and Co-operating States shall be given a free non-exclusive licence to our software. Our Software Catalogue lists the software items which may be purchased by other interested users.

Catalogue of ECMWF Products

This Catalogue outlines the real-time meteorological and oceanographic products available from the ECWMF forecasting system, the conditions applied to their supply, the tariffs and licence arrangements.

Products made available to NMHSs of WMO members

Further ECMWF products are available via WMO's GTS network and FTP servers, but under restricted conditions. These conditions and a set of downloadable products can be found here.

Products originating from ECMWF are made available to sustain WMO Programmes and in particular to assist National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in the provision of meteorological services in their countries.

Operational Upgrades

Whenever significant changes are made to the operational forecasting system, detailed information about the changes, relevant documentation, test data sets, e-suite runs and a tentative schedule for the implementation are made available to assist Member States and the users of our products with their migration efforts. Updates are provided as necessary and recorded in the page history.


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