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Data assimilation concepts and methods
March 1999

By F. Bouttier and P. Courtier

1. Basic concepts in data assimilation
2. The state vector, control space and observations
3. The modelling of errors
4. Statistical interpolation with least-squares estimation
5. A simple scalar illustration of least-squares estimation
6. Models of error covariance
7. Optimal interpolation (OI) analysis
8. Three-dimensional variational analysis (3D-Var)
9. 1D-Var and other variational analysis systems
10. Four-dimensional variational assimilation (4D-Var)
11. Estimating the quality of the analysis
12. Implementation techniques
13. Dual formulation of 3D/4D-Var (PSAS)
14. The extended Kalman filter (EKF)
15. Conclusion
Appendix A. A primer on linear matrix algebra
Appendix B. Practical adjoint coding
Appendix C. Exercises
Appendix D. Main symbols
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