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Workshop on High Performance Computing


The 15th ECMWF Workshop on High Performance Computing in Meteorology will be held from 1 to 5 October 2012


Every second year the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) hosts a workshop on the use of high performance computing in meteorology.

The emphasis of this workshop will be on running meteorological applications at sustained teraflops performance in a production environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on the future scalability of NWP codes and the tools and development environments to facilitate this as we move towards petaflop computing.

.Our aim is to provide a venue where

  • Users from our Member States and around the world can report on their experience and achievements in the field of high performance computing during the last two years; plans for the future and requirements for computing power will also be presented.
  • Vendors of supercomputers will have the opportunity to talk to managers and end users of meteorological computer centres about their current and future products.
  • Meteorological scientists can present their achievements in the development of parallel computing techniques and algorithms, and can exchange ideas on the use of supercomputers in future research.
  • Computer scientists can give an update on their efforts in providing tools which will help users to exploit the power of supercomputers in the field of meteorology.
  • The challenges of creating a computer centre infrastructure for HPC can be discussed.

The workshop will consist of a limited number of presentations from invited speakers, plus a series of 20 minute contributions. The morning of the final day will be reserved for an open discussion session. This workshop will start on Monday 1 October and close on Friday 5 October.


Attendance is by invitation. National weather services of the Member States and Co-operating States of ECMWF, other major meteorological centres and users and manufacturers of super-computers have been invited to nominate representatives to attend the workshop. Invitees and nominated representatives should complete the registration form by 17 August 2012.

A registration fee of 150 pounds sterling will be charged from participants. This fee is waived for speakers and nominated representatives of Member State and Co-operating State National Meteorological Organisations.

If you wish to attend, please contact the workshop organisers and we will let you know whether we can accept your registration.

Useful information on ECMWF web site:

Organisers and contact information

Workshop administratration: Karen Clarke
Programme co-ordinator: Peter Towers

Contact e-mail: hpcworkshop@ecmwf.int


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